The Truly Giant Caramel Apple

In the Fall of 1989, Mike & Rachel Dunn created their 2 1/2 – 3 Lb giant chocolate covered caramel Fuji apples. They were originated without a stick to be sliced and served – which, to this day has proven to be the fun & delicious holiday dessert!
Since then, they’ve become much beloved Holiday Traditions for friends and families everywhere. The annual apple harvest brings with it such a bounty of happiness for all of us. We are just as WOWED! as you are, and truly enjoy transforming the just-picked beautiful fruits into Giant Caramel Apples for you and your loved ones (and ours, too!)
Just $27.95 per 2 1/2 – 3 LB Giant Caramel Apple!

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Mr. & Mrs. Dunn in Collaboration with Concord Schools

In 2019 Mike & Rachel Dunn began a collaboration with the International Hospitality & Tourism Academy at Mt Diablo High School in Concord, California.
In 2022, a second collaboration has begun with the Pathway To Success program at Olympic High School in Concord, California.
Students work hands-on, learning about sourcing sustainable ingredients and good food handling in class, plus real world customer service applied in our Curbside POPUP.
Dunn Family Chocolates LLC is pleased to support Pathway To Success, and a portion of proceeds from every Giant Caramel Apple you purchase supports this worthwhile program!


Pathway To Success

at Olympic High School

The Pathway To Success is a Career Technical Education (CTE) program at Olympic High School, created by celebrated Chef / Restaurateur / Author & Teacher, Cindy Gershen. Starting with the vegetable garden outside, the students learn nutrition from the soil up, then hands-on food prep. Through catering efforts for community events, they help fund their own program.

About our Giant Caramel Apples

Each just-picked giant Fuji apple is dipped in handmade caramel, dark sweet chocolate and roasted California almonds. Our Giant Caramel Apples weigh a whopping 2 1/2 – 3 pounds each and serve 12 people!
We ship everywhere in the continental USA, and include your personalized greetings with each Giant Caramel Apple. To ship Giant Caramel Apples to multiple destinations, (here) is an Excel template to use for your recipient addresses and gift greetings.
Just $27.95 per 2 1/2 – 3 LB Giant Caramel Apple!

The Giant Caramel Apple

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